Kyoko 2

Kyoko Izumi is a meister that was born in Death City.


She has long black hair, with a cover eye. She is tall, but not too much. She, like Patricia Tompson, has big boobs, but bigger. She also has a chip in her body, that every time that she listen the name of her DNA dad, Dr. FrankenStein, she get electrificed.==Personality:== She is a shy girl, often victimes because she doesn't like fight, also if she has great power, infact, she's a shinigami, but she isn't Death The Kid's familiar. She can be a bit rude, if someone try to do something, or say bad things, to her Dad.


She is Stein's DNA daughter, also if, she doesn't want that someone know it, and infact, anyone for now, know it. Seh became his child when she was little, or better, 4. Stein was walking in a grey forest when found her fainted: she was very little, for him was weird, then, did some weird analysis, he found that inside her, was a very big potential. Then he decide to make her his daughter, doing 2 things: 1. Put in her his DNA, 2. Put in her a chip, every time that someone say "stein", she get electrificed. when she woke up, he sa all to her, and she was shocked, but...she loved (like dad) him immediately. Then she accepted to be his secret daughter, then she said her name "Kyoko Izumi". Until the age 10, he continue to stay with her and practise her but a day, he decide to leave her alone, because she was big to stay alone (for him) and because he thank that pople can easy know their secret. For escape to her, he mae her sleep for 2 years in their old house. When she woke up, she never stop to find him. In that time she found why she has "big potential" like stein said: she was a Shinigami", but not death the kid familiary. She came for error in front of the school, and shinigami in his office, heard the big power and came out. He immediately knew that id her, and decide with no explanation to register her in the school. He said this: "hi, are you here for be a meister or weapon? then come in"


She is strong and fast, but she never showed it because she hate fight.


She is Dr.FrankenStein DNA's child and Hiro (Hero) 's girlfriend


She's scary by maniacs.


She hasn't got strenght.